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AgroScout Going Global

Agro-scout team

Israeli SaaS company, AgroScout, is now going global


AgroScout, the Israeli SaaS supply chain intelligence has empowered global farmers, processors, and agro retail clients with its cutting-edge crop monitoring and analytics. 


Currently doing business in 15 countries, AgroScout’s three main business hubs are Brazil, Mexico, and United States. The company’s U.S. operations are headquartered in Israel. With more than 30 current employees engaged in sales, R&D, manufacturing, and engineering, among other functions, the company has experienced growth in staff, distribution, and revenue in each quarter since it began deploying its SaaS precision agriculture solution.

Simcha Shore, the founder & CEO of AgroScout, believes that the company has now reached a turning point. “Our focus is digitalizing within entire scene of agroindustry. The concept of the company solutions are on digitalization as a tool to improve daily operations in food production. I have confidence that with our rich experience, we can provide premium quality service globally for all the verticals of the food industry.”

With the early success following the cooperation with the world’s top food processors, farmers and agro retails around the world AgroScout is helping reduce inputs and increase yields with a positive contribution to ROI globally everyday.

AgroScout SaaS is an AI cloud platform for remote agronomy and is increasing its accessibility to millions of mostly unserved farms worldwide that grow our food.

AgroScout now supports more than 16 languages and adding weekly more. The languages are available across all AgroScout platforms: Sky App for flights  (Android & Amazon), mobile app (Ios & Android) and webapp .


What languages supports?

AgroScout languages



Regarding the next step, Simcha Shore, AgroScout founder, and CEO, said: “We continue to grow and expand our customer base globally and to offer local support in our clients’ language. With the availability of low-cost digital imaging by satellite, drone, and phone we bring efficiently sustainable, and accountable farming globally.

“We strongly believe AgroScout technologies will unlock greater value in the farm system and will become a key enabler in the sustainability journey starting from ask the expert on our mobile app.

For more information, visit https://agro-scout.com/

We believe AgroScout will boost growth in the agriculture and food production industry with its constantly evolving digital services.”


About AgroScout

AgroScout is an agro analytic platform empowering crop monitoring that collects user-generated data to create timely analytics providing actionable insights. AgroScout upgrades the costly time-consuming traditional crop monitoring helping ensure food production in a sustainable way for future generations. AgroScout was established in 2017 as a portfolio company of The Trendlines Group (SGX:42T) (OTCQX:TRNLY).


For further  information contact : pr@agro-scout.com



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AgroScout Going Global

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