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AgroScout at New-Tech

Agro-scout team

AgroScout artificial intelligence and robotics are revolutionizing the agriculture industry.

AgroScout CEO Simcha Shore recently spoke of the impact of AI and robotics on traditional agriculture at the annual AI, Machine Vision, & Machine Learning conference last Wednesday. The conference was put together by New-Tech Events (part of New-Tech Magazines Group), an Israeli organizer of high-tech trade events, fairs, conventions, and exhibitions.

AI to increase yield
AgroScout AI to increase yield

AgroScout artificial intelligence AI to increase yield ad transforming the global agriculture industry. Utilizing AI to increase yield and robotics, AgroScout has reduced the inputs of irrigation fertilizer and chemicals by 10 percent .  They’ve also increased crop yield by 10 percent, says  CEO, Simcha Shore. If you want to explore our solution Read more.

AgroScout  is supply chain intelligence for growers and processors and empowering agriculture value chain to make the right decision at the right time, powered by data & artificial intelligence.

“We want to reach millions of hectares or acres of farmland and impact global food security. So the more crops I do, the more farmers and processors I reach, the more I’ve started to impact. My goal is to impact global food security. The goal is to help the people that grow our food grow more with less.”  Read More 


Higher yields combined with reduced applications translate to a serious boost to the bottom line. Knowing precisely where troubled areas are means targeted applications can be enough.

Our solutions for precision agriculture enables more efficient use of crop inputs including fertilizers, pesticides, tillage, and irrigation water. With our solutions you learn more every season  making your future efforts more profitable  and sustainable for everyone. The AgroScout remote agronomy platform analyze images taken from simple, inexpensive, off the shelf drone. Our free app  SKY optimizes flight plans for the most efficient cross-field sampling with high-resolution geo-tagged images from your entire field. Easily mark the field you want to scout and the fully
autonomous drone does the rest. Get standard, high quality data sets. It can scout 5,000 plants across 50 acres in 20 minutes. Works with any crop to give you standard coverage across the field. Expand the number of fields you scout with higher accuracy and more confidence.


We take proud on AgroScout´s pledge for the planet . Read more



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