Plant canopy
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Off-the-shelf drones autonomously scan your fields .

Data leads to profit

Analyze predictive insights by crop variety vegetation status with canopy analysis, or create your data filters to optimize your season. Using the AgroScout platform to monitor plant development throughout the growing season provides the grower with a story over time to understand plant health and any sections in the field that are “behind schedule.”

In combination with all the other services the AgroScout platform provides, canopy coverage gives an additional data layer for a better comprehension of the overall health of your field. Read More


The AgroScout AI will calculate the canopy cover of your crop according to the vegetation growth period and based on various factors. This type of monitoring can help determine the expected yield from a particular grower or supplier , as well as, overall yield for a specific crop variety.

When to use

Canopy coverage gives insights to procurement teams throughout the entire growing season. That said, the information gleaned at the beginning of the season can be used for better decisions in conjunction with stand count estimates and towards harvest time to anticipate yield and crop performance. This type of crop intelligence helps understand how it will impact your bottom line, sourcing needs, and just-in-time production.

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