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Remote sensing in South Africa helped save on nutrient management


South Africa
Remote sensing to save on nutrient management.

The problem

Remotely controlling growers’ nutrient applications to prevent yield loss and avoid unnecessary application.

The solution

An agro-retailer company requested that their growers use aerial data to monitor their plant nutrient deficiencies and improve their spraying accuracy. 

The monitoring was done Macro-to-Micro by first analyzing high resolution NDVI satellite images, then birds’-eye views with orthophotos, and finally low altitude, leaf level flights.

When a point of interest related to nutrient deficiency was detected, the agro-retailer alerted the grower to send the drone to scan and photograph the specific location so agronomists could analyze the findings. A spraying plan was then made based on those findings.  

[caption id="attachment_5286" align="alignnone" width="300"]NDVI satellite images agroscout Nutrition deficiencies[/caption]


This scouting process continued throughout the entire season to improve the agro-retailer’s control over the fertilizer applications, the yield, and ultimately, the savings.

The outcome

The agro-retailer was able to identify leaf level nutrient deficiencies and advise the growers to spray accordingly.

Instead of scanning the entire field the detection was specific and saved 30% of the field technicians’ time. The agro-retailer improved its remote nutritional management by 33% and the growers were able to reduce their sprayings by 8%. 


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Western Cape and Free State, South Africa


Remote sensing to save on nutrient management

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Remote sensing in South Africa helped save on nutrient management

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