AgroScout was founded in Israel in 2017. The company is led by a team of highly talented experts with in-depth knowledge in agronomy, algorithm development, and business development.

AgroScout is dedicated to developing advanced technology for early-stage detection of crop diseases to improve yields, reduce pesticide use, and increase profits.

Our Team

AgroScout CEO Simcha Shore and Marketing & Sales Lead Jake Shore
Simcha Shore
After 20 years of developing security systems, Simcha wanted to use his knowledge to better humankind, which led to the founding of AgroScout.

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Ori Netzer
VP of Operations
with over 20 years leading product and operations at startup companies, Ori will be overseeing AgroScout’s day to day operations and long term logistic planning.
Ishai Gotlib
Global Sales manager
VP Software Orit Kedem
Orit Kedem
VP Software
Previously, involved in software development at AT&T. On weekends, you can find Orit brewing beer.
Chief Agronomist Ido Bar-Av
Ido Bar-Av
Chief Agronomist
20 years of experience in field agronomy and research. You can find Ido playing the guitar or drawing when he has time.
System Analysis Assy Mashta
Assy Mashta
System Analysis
22 years of experience in IT management and analysis. This guy actually bakes sourdough bread when he wants to chill.
Sales & Marketing Lead Jake Shore
Jake Shore
Marketing & Sales Lead
22 years working on Internet and marketing projects. On any given weekend, you can find Jake stirring up tasty concoctions.
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Ravit Halfon
UI/UX Lead
Ravit is passionate about the visual experience. When she has free time, you can find her hiking the countryside with her 2-year-old on her back.
AI Programming Lead Yaniv Menashe
Yaniv Menashe
AI Programming Lead
When Yaniv isn't battling his buddies in old-fashioned (classic!) board games, he's most likely slamming and spiking in beach volleyball games.

Our Board

AgroScout CEO Simcha Shore and Marketing & Sales Lead Jake Shore
Simcha Shore
Idan Kleifeld
Over 20 years of Business Development
Board member David Kronberg, Kibbutz Yiron
David Kronberg
Financial Manager, Kibbutz Yiron
Board member Steve Rhodes, The Trendlines Group
Steve Rhodes
Chairman and CEO, The Trendlines Group
Board member Sarai Kemp, The Trendlines Group
Sarai Kemp
VP Business Development, Trendlines Agtech

Our Advisory Board

Advisory board member Matti Picus, PhD
Matti Picus, PhD
AI System Analysis and Design
Alan Schreiber, PhD, professor, grower, advisory board member
Alan Schreiber, PhD
Professor, Grower
Elyashiv Drori, PhD, professor, advisory board member
Elyashiv Drori, PhD
Dept. of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, Ariel Univ.