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September 2020 Newsletter

September 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to Our Team

Amir Adari  VP Sales and Marketing  –  After leading several 7 digit sales departments, Amir is coming onboard to lead AgroScout’s global expansion plan. Amir has over 15 years experience, managing international P&L units.

Ori Netzer VP of Operations – with over 20 years leading product and operations at startup companies, Ori will be overseeing AgroScout’s  day to day operations and long term logistic planning.


Sales Team Just Back from 2 Learning Weeks, Meeting with Growers on their Farms in Minnesota, Idaho and Washington.

VP Sales&Marketing Amir Adari and National Sales Director Tim Kustka  got behind the wheel and drove out to met growers on their farms. Doing field demonstrations and Q&A sessions in Minnesota, Idaho and Washington. Tim told us: “The main objective of the trip was to hear what growers have to say about AgroScout. We want our customers golden input. I want to know what they think is going to help them and what needs to be fixed.” Give us heads up if you would like to meet us in one of your fields for a live demonstration and Q&A, on our next trip. Please contact Tim at or 1-832-903-2982.

AgroScout’s New Mobile App Works in Field even when Connectivity is Poor

Now users can review reports in the field even if mobile connectivity is very low. This solves a major problem since data connectivity in many fields doesn’t allow the download of live maps.  To resolve this, the app downloads relevant maps when near a strong internet connection and offers them offline in the field. This has been a request made by multiple growers so  we are happy it’s here.


Washington State’s Potato Commission utilizes AgroScout technology for IPM trials(Published in Spudman Magazine)

In early 2020, the Washington State Potato Commission selected the AgroScout platform to participate in a trial demonstrating the benefits of artificial intelligence and technology in an integrated pest management (IPM) program…

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