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AgroScout Featured in Calcalist 360

AgroScout Featured in Calcalist 360

AgroScout was highlighted in the Calcalist 360 special feature on smart agriculture (in Hebrew).

“The AI-based algorithm developed by Israel’s AgroScout allows the small farmer in Vietnam or Africa to quickly find out if his field is suffering from diseases or pests — and dramatically reduces crop loss.

” ‘Worldwide, there are about 500 million farmers, with more than 7 billion acres of field crops. But according to World Health Organization data, due to various pests and plant diseases, every year between 20% and 40% of crops go down the drain. This doesn’t just represent a financial loss of billions of dollars, but also [causes] severe damage to food security around the world. And, certainly, as the population continues to grow, food sources are reduced,’ ” says Simcha Shore, the entrepreneur and CEO of Israeli company AgroScout, which provides artificial intelligence-based solutions to farmers.

Read the full article in Calcalist 360 (Hebrew).