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Web App

This is where the “real magic” comes in. The Web App WebApp with AI Reporting & Analysis platform uploads the images from the drone memory Sky and scans them to identify and create personalized reports.

The platform generates an internal report from the AI analysis backed by our network of crop specialists. Once processed by our AI data algorithm, you will receive a notification that your report is ready for review.

All the reports and added to your account for viewing on your desktop on the Web App or mobile phone on IOS & Android


Specific pest or disease tagging
Access field findings anywhere and anytime
Share findings with your agronomists
Plant Stand Count and Statistic count
Satellite NDVI
Orthophoto layer for regular monitoring of crop
Canopy Coverage

AgroScout Sky

AgroScout Sky App is the high-resolution auto-scouting app for drone scouting and predetermined flight patters.

To collect high-quality images spread across your entire field, you need an auto-scouting app. With our app, you can easily mark the field or area you want to scout and then dispatch the drone to autonomously collect the required data based on a predetermined flight pattern.

Different flight pattern helps you understand which parts of the field perform better and which worse, turn them into management zones and adjust your inputs precisely with high-resolution prescription files. Download the AgroScout Sky now on Google Android store.

Drones are nearly a $1,000 commodity, but when used alone, they haven’t proven to be an efficient solution for crop scouting.

Generate accurate data from your farm by collecting imagery with the right flight plan according to your crop cycle and type.


Optimized flights for cross-field sampling
Mark fields with the touch screen
Predetermined and customized flight patterns
Fully autonomous from take-off to landing

AgroScout App

The AgroScout mobile app shows you where the infections are in the field. And just like road navigation apps, the app will help you “navigate” to each infected location.

Use the AgroScout app in your daily field exploration and you will have better response times in following your phytosanitary plan.

The mobile application provides an additional level of agronomy services in the field, in the interaction with an expert agronomist in your crop and helps in the detection of pests and diseases located in real time in your field.

Identifying an irregularity in the field is recorded in the application through high definition images at the leaf level, for later identification by the expert agronomist and to be able to make his evaluation and recommendations.

The Consult an Expert options to report your findings manually or record directly will help you to collect precise data and record the unique characteristics of every plant.

Our expert Agronomists are connected for an additional support via direct chat within the App.

Download now on IOS and Android

In-app navigation to infected locations
Live chat with an Expert in your crop
Integrated reports with the Web app
Apply chemicals locally
Enables damage-reconnaissance flight over infected areas

Supported Hardware

Supported drones for use with our Sky App:
DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Phantom 4 models equipped with 20MP cameras.