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Improving quality in potatoes


Improving quality and uniformity in potatoes
Crop intelligence improves logistics control significantly and achieve positive return on investment.

The problem

Providing real-time yield estimate predictions for the procurement department allows them to manage the production and logistics channels and produce the required supply. 

The solution

The procurement department used aerial data to monitor the plant emergence in the field to determine potential yield. In addition, once-a-week, canopy coverage results were calculated to estimate the vegetative vigor and phenological development.

standcount agroscout

Statistical stand count 14 days after emergence (57%).


Canopy coverage pictures along the season. A. 35% B. 98% C. 47%.

The analysis process was made during the season for 120 days, separately for each field and variety. This allowed the procurement team to follow the canopy coverage development graph per field, timing harvest, and estimate the expected yield. 



The outcome

The AgroScout platform provided the procurement team with live data on the status of the fields and improved their yield estimates and harvest time accuracy by 10%. 

After seeing these results the procurement managers claimed: “This essential information improves our logistics control significantly and on large scales can save millions of dollars”




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Crop type:





Supply intelligence

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Improving quality in potatoes

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