October 28, 2021
The use of drones in Agriculture - AgroScout's POV
UVID’s unmanned aerial vehicle conference is the traditional meeting point for all relevant stakeholders, attended annually by thousands of opinion leaders, top executives and decisionmakers from Israel and abroad. This year, the event will focus on the national, strategic and holistic standpoint of drones\UASs in the current era, in both the civil and defense sectors. Our own CEO, Simcha, will share AgroScouts intakes on the use of drones in crop fields, and Agricolture.
August 04, 2021
$7.5 million raised in Series A
Proud to announce a successful investment round to expand our AI offerings and global accessibility
04 April 2021
Simcha Shore CEO, Agro-Scout was interviewed by Calev Myers for ARISE
They discussed AgroScout's platform enabling farmers to better manage their crop protection.
23 March 2021
ADAMA & GrowingIL’s challenge competition!
AgroScout wins First Prize to conduct a joint POC with ADAMA!
13 December 2020
AgroScout's New Global control center and R&D Unit
Years after milk production came to a stall, this dairy will come to life again as AgroScout's Global control center and R&D Unit.
04 December 2020
proud to be part of 500 most 'inspirational' entrepreneurs in the AgriFoodTech...
04 October 2020
AgroScout was showcased in Globes Magazine
for being one the most promissing companies in the growing AgroTech Sector. (Hebrew)
29 September 2020
AgroScout is now one of the finalists in Scaleup InBrazil
Since 2019 a consortium of Brazilian organizations are accelerating the entry of Israeli technology-based companies in Brazil with the ScaleUp inBrazil program. AgroScout has been hand picked as a solid technology with a goal of introducing it in Brazil.