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Delivering on-time supply for tomato crop Italy


Italian Grower
Solving challenges in securing processing quantity material for processing.


A renowned processing business that farms the fertile Italy faced varios challenges in securing processing quantity material for their process schedule. The growing output proved to be challenging to accurately estimate production due to weather conditions and unpredictable disease and pest situations.


The problem: Processing tomatoes are a quick-maturing crop with only a 120-day growing season: there’s little margin for error, and irrigation issues can quickly affect the uniformity and quality of the crop.

The solution: The supply and procurement team make use of the aerial data the grower monitored with AgroScout  solution to monitor plant emergence to stand count and canopy vigor and added a satellite view to detect irrigation problems and water stress in the tomato crop. 


In the process of monitoring shortly after planting at the agronomist  reviews his imagery to pinpoint stressed areas of the field, which allows him to adjust nutrition scheduling and protect the uniformity of the crop. Digital scouting with mobile and aerial imagery has helped the grower and procurement team to identify irrigation deficiencies  and nutrition risks on a real-time basis.”


The outcome-AgroScout helped the processor to obtain a  better supply and make better procurement decisions. For the grower, the usage of aerial data combined with AI analysis produced a faster detection and recognition of Agri bio-risks. 

For both teams, the usage of actionable reports with supply insights achieved a more uniform crop.

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Yield loss prevention

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Delivering on-time supply for tomato crop Italy

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