Good decisions depend on quality data. 


On the ground

Capture images from your smartphone

From the air

Off-the-shelf drones autonomously scan your fields

From space

Satellite imagery for NDVI & RGB analysis

Supply intelligence system


Growers around the globe use off-the-shelf drones and their own phones to collect the visual information.

We combine satellite, multispectral, and agronomic images into our agro- data bank. Our visual technology detects field stress anomalies and verifies the findings with data.

We produce action-oriented reports and mobile and web dashboards on field-crop health and supply risks.

AgroScous is a licence based service -SaaS

Using our yearly based license (SaaS) you have unlimited and historical access to data on crop and field production such as crop patterns, soil deficiencies, growth quality, harvesting, satellite imagery, and much more.

  • Our service is based on image processing technology 
  • We apply AI  (artificial intelligence )& ML (Machine Learning) to provide accurate prediction and estimation of farming parameters to optimize the economic results. 
  • Our agro data bank provides accurate agricultural statistics
  • Integrated platform through desktop and mobile.

How does it work?

On the ground

Quickly capture data for mapping, reporting, or inspections, all directly from your mobile phone.

AgroScout GIS walk-to-the-Plant feature with GPS taggs your crop findings and photos to easily find anomalies in the field. 

  • View layers including satellite NDVI view and orthomosaic.
  • Direct report view and locate anomalies.  
  • Ask the expert  service of expert agronomist from our in-app chat.

From the air (SkyApp)

Monitoring with  drones help growers optimize the use of inputs such as seeds, fertilizers, water, and pesticides more efficiently.

AgroScout Sky App specifically built for DJI drones is optimized for agriculture monitoring and detection. By using drones you increase your field productivity by 50% .

Our flight plans gives you automatic take off and landing ensuring the most efficient cross-field sampling in height, speed and pattern. 

AgroScout platforms are integrated for DJI commercial drones available across all regions.

We integrate with DJI models : DJI Air 2S , DJI Mavic 2 Pro & Mavic 3 mini Pro, Mavic 3 Multispectral, Mavic 3 Enterprise.

Download and install the Sky app on the DJI Smart Controller or get the Sky App for your mobile on Google Play Store.

From space

We fuse satellite, multispectral, and agronomic images into our agro data bank.  We integrate mobile and drone imagery with NDVI and RGB satellite imagery to create multilayer reports that indicate nutrient deficiencies, irrigation issues and other field stressors.

We work with Airbus for the highest resolution satellite imagery. 

Data Integration

Mobile and web platforms are fully synched so you can easily access, edit and organize your findings reports 24/7. 



Our report interface is built on both real time monitoring and user based access.

We provide user management capabilities, where our customers can control over which employees can see which data points, who can access the dashboards, and who can view reports. 

Different user groups can access the crop monitoring data and share it within the organization of outside of it.


We enable our customers to set a schedule, choose a format, and define the metrics  ( acres, dunam, Mou and hectares) they want to see. After setting these parameters once, the user receive automatically generated reports on a regular basis, keeping them informed with no further effort required. Our reports are cross-platform compatible and look great across different email clients.

The pdf reports of  monitor are issued automatically by our system and sent to you and team, employers, or government regulators, according to your settings  and license type.

Also our reports can be edited and built by user preferences where you can define what is included such as: specific findings locations, additional pictures from the field, layered maps, comments, and more. 


Effortlessly share information and build constructive dialogues before, during, and after the season to improve overall supply chain efficiency with your team and stakeholders.  View a report sample here.

Measure changes in crop health

Easily compare crop performance as projected against baselines.

The platform is specifically designed to offer an insight view of crop health and action-oriented data to prioritize projects and investments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

AgroScout is the easiest and fastest solution for crop intelligence and monitoring.

If you would like to learn more about using the Sky app, please refer to our Sky App Tutorial and Flight Checklist

We highly recommend using our Sky App with the supported DJI drones.

For more information, please visit: Supported Drones - Sky App.

We recommend scouting your fields once or twice a week.