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AgroScout’s stand count service calculates and presents an accurate stand count evaluation at plant emergence. Stand count removes the need for manual, time-consuming, traditional stand counts with a completely automate AI algorithm.

Once the image is ready, our stand count application scans all the sprouting plants, calculates the emerging seeds, and presents an accurate report for the entire field. With early estimates you can make the best out of the full growing season.


Scan your field at the beginning of the season to get stand count emergence evaluation for an early determination of seed quality, yield prediction, and whether to replant. As the season progresses, get a full stand count for precise data on the status of your field.

When to use

Our plant counting AI  service enables farmers to automatically quantify their crops using a drone survey.

Our service allows you to either evaluate a complete full scout pattern of a crop or apply a statistical count where you  can divide the field into equal squares and take one picture from each square. Read more 

Stand Count Analysis determines the precise number of plants in a specific area, compares it to the expected results and calculates percentage.

Additionally, comparing this data with later-season canopy coverage gives a richer picture of what is happening in the field. 

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