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ADAMA & GrowingIL’s challenge competition!

Agro-scout team

AgroScout wins First Prize to conduct a joint POC with ADAMA!

Adama AgroScout

The First Prize Winner, who will be conducting a joint POC funded by ADAMA is AgroScout!

Today, the joint challenge competition of GrowingIL and ADAMA Ltd. has reached its end. A three-month-long process that included distilling ADAMA’s challenges, presenting them to the ecosystem in favor of a collaboration with Israeli startups who would assist ADAMA in providing farmers with sustainable and efficient solutions, for a better future in crop protection.

As part of the competition, 5 runner-ups worked along with ADAMA’s mentors on adjusting their solution to ADAMA’s needs, based on farmer’s needs worldwide.
Firstly, we would like to thank our partners – ADAMA Ltd., it’s been a pleasure working with you, and we wish you a successful POC with AgroScout.
A special thanks to the wonderful mentors who dedicated time and energy to support the startups.
And of course, a big thanks to all the startups who took part in the competition, we hope you’ve found the experience valuable.





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ADAMA & GrowingIL’s challenge competition!

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