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Better team management and agriculture data collection

Agro-scout team

AgroScout’s interconnected web, mobile, and flight platforms allow machine and field data management flow, whether you are tilling, planting, applying, harvesting, managing your fleet, or maintaining your property.
AgroScout was introduced in 2017 for agriculture crop management with users from farming,  agro-retail, food processing, and agro-chemical sectors who need better visibility across the growing process.
With more than 18 languages available globally, the platforms offer unique data collection and artificial intelligence analytics.
Integrating the AgroScout mobile and web platforms with the Sky app allows growers to become expert drone pilots by charting automated flights based on the field and crop status analytics from satellite and historically while facilitating automatic take-offs, landings, and route optimization.
AgroScout has released a new version of its integrated web platform and agriculture Sky data collection software, adding a team  management and multiple farms functionalities, enhancing existing features, and updating the user experience.
This newest AgroScout version adds, improves, and resolves so much in the agricultural crop monitoring software, offering an upgraded experience with a new level of data accuracy across all growth cycles applicable for multiple crops and seasons.
The new set of improved data collection experiences for crop monitoring of Sky app upgrades brings efficiency for the route, time, and accuracy as follows:
A new feature of auto-optimization flight patterns is now available, saving the drone operator time and money while guaranteeing the best results.

Additionally, the operator can easily change the flight orientation according to the rows or sun location, upgrading the quality of the resolution of the picture and, therefore, the analytics results.

With this update also, the user can determine and see the marking of the start and end points of the mission, offering better control over the whole experience.

Another Sky app update is related to the flight log feature. AgroScout customer success is fully backing, supporting, and assisting the data collection flight experience with the new log saving and sharing feature, which allows the drone operator to send the flight logs for support or any question or problem, even after the flight.

One of the best updates of this version is the new ability to adjust the data point density along the flight scouting route from 1 to 100, giving the user the autonomy to be efficient and quicker in data collection.

This update version brings new team and field management features to the AgroScout web platform.
One of the updates is related to the map view of active fields as field clustering besides the existing view of anomalies findings. This new view improves the visuality of the active fields for better navigation and comparisons between growing areas for users that have multiple growing fields and areas monitoring. Also, with this option users can visualize active and inactive fields from the map view based on color.

Field and crop management


The web platform update also brings a new view on the services layers search based on users’ activity filtering fields that had registered activity in four periods: one day, this week, the last two weeks, and all.

Based on AgroScout data of user experience, a new feature was added as a zoom-on view on canopy and stand count analytics giving the users the ability to further investigate the points of interest based on findings.

AgroScout is built as a SaaS for teams to collaborate and leverage data analytics for better decisions. This new version allows integrated teams to assign users based on their role from admin to view and based on field selection. Besides, the user assignation teams can share and give access to external users to the data analytics.

Team section

The expanded functionalities of this set of updates will allow AgroScout customers to view and interact better with their crop data analytics and their team for better decision-making and more productive crop results.



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Better team management and agriculture data collection

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