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Smart spraying with AgroScout prescription map

Agro-scout team

Smart spraying is one step forward with AgroScout. Integrate the SHP data with your spray scheduler for efficient farming.


AgroScout utilizes cutting-edge computer imaging and artificial intelligence to gain crop insights from aerial imagery of drones, satellites, and smartphones to make actionable reports and dashboards for decision-makers in the food-growing process. The service is cloud-based (SaaS) and accessible anywhere, anytime for anyone globally.


With the objetive of reducing pesticide and fungicide spraying rate among  farmers without significantly impacting yields with accurate detection and localized treatment, AgroScout user can manage fields easier – monitor remotely, reveal issues on the spot, and act timely with a top-notch software for farming with the SHP prescription maps based on agricultural and pests location.

AgroScout’s improvements toward integration with other Ag-Tech platforms aims to enhance the grower’s abilities.

The process is simple:

1. Enter  on field layers section of AgroScout web platform.

2. Select the pest layer  (valid only for colorado potato beetle- CPB) option.

3. Press “Download Layer.” And choose the layer type.

Try it on.

Make informed decisions regarding field prescriptions faster with AgroScout. Save inputs , time and money on inputs only where you need it most.



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Smart spraying with AgroScout prescription map

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