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Trace and control applications in soybean


Brazilian Grower
End-to-end traceability of farm operations to guarantee certifications for soybean crops.

The problem

  1. Identify the locations and infestation levels of pests and diseases in the field.
  2. Decide when and how to apply fungicides and pesticides.
  3. Track the effect of chemical applications.


The solution

The sustainability team used weekly aerial data to monitor pests and disease in various soybean fields. The team then made their recommendations for  pesticide and fungicide applications based on the AI reports and agronomical data.

In 20 minutes of scouting the drone covered an area 3 times larger than human scouts alone and the AI algorithm found 50% more suspected diseases compared to a crop protection advisor. Based on the report, the agronomists identified the pests and disease distribution in the field and if there were areas with higher infestation levels. This allowed them to apply pinpointed pesticide or fungicide applications, only if needed.

soybean monitoring -agroscout
soybean monitoring agroscout brazil



To ensure the efficient application of the chemicals and to prevent unnecessary over-spraying, the sustainability team re-scanned the field with aerial imagery.

 Each spraying application was recorded.


The outcome

The sustainability team improved their ability to trace and control pesticide and fungicide application in the soybean fields by 15%. The chemical applications decreased by 10% compared to the previous season due to accurate detection and reducing unnecessary spraying. 


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Crop type:





Crop Certification

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Trace and control applications in soybean

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